Interior design

Interior design goes beyond the tasteful arrangement of furniture and accessories.

It is an overall concept that reflects the needs and feelings of the residents and users and translates them into the world of the building. While stylistic preferences vary from person to person and can therefore be purist, luxurious, trendy, elegant, cool or classic depending on personal taste, successful interior design has its most elementary task in functioning - this applies to residential spaces as well as commercial properties.

Functioning" is not understood as the opposite of aesthetics, but rather in harmony with it. On the one hand, it refers to the space from which we distil the design possibilities for our interior designs and into which we inscribe our concepts. And on the other hand, it is derived from the demands and wishes of our clients, which we discover through attentive listening and transform into interior design concepts.

It is the interior design that must follow the habits of use and not the other way round, so that the people who live and work in it feel comfortable.

We plan and design for our clients, but also very much with them - tailor-made and individual. We invite them to tell us what is important to them and what they have always dreamed of. The conversations are by no means only about living itself - music, travel or art preferences all reflect the personality of our clients. We want to capture these values, attitudes and views in our interior design and look for suitable structures to harmonise the most diverse wishes. Not everything that looks like a "must have" in a lifestyle magazine corresponds to our real-life living, our everyday family life or our free-spirited single existence.

Interior architecture cannot change the world, but it must by no means become the lowest common denominator.

denominator down. That's why we exhaust the design possibilities to the limits of space: Thus, even small flats do not get a higher square metre count through us, but we can design them in such a way that they appear more open and leave you with more free space. Often it is moods that our customers describe to us as desirable for their properties and that we accompany with all technical constructive and artistic aesthetic aspects, with empathy, a wealth of ideas and a lot of experience from the consultation to the handing over of the keys.

Whatever your building project, whether it is a new building, an old building, a flat, a house, an office or a shop; large, small, light, dark, ground floor, attic or anywhere in between - we look forward to getting to know you and your interiors!