Interior Designer - Apartment

Flat P2

Palma de Mallorca

Year: 2016
Status: Concept study
Client: Evolution Molinar SL

An interior design concept for two apartment buildings located on the lively beach promenade of Molinar in Palma de Mallorca, including patios with swimming pools and outdoor kitchens as well as roof terraces with Jacuzzis.

This project was planned as a showcase project for a local property developer. The requirement was to bring a breath of fresh air with new ideas and approaches to the similar-looking plans of the local apartment buildings, in order to optimally meet the high-end requirements of the potential customers.

The two units, almost identical in terms of floor plan, were designed for fictitious clients from different target groups. While flat P1 is contemporary modern inspired and flat P2 has a classic modern atmosphere, timeless elegance runs as an aesthetic "common thread" through both variations.

The central element of the design in both flats is the staircase, which stands freely in the space. These staircases are the visual focal point of both houses, with railings made of vertically arranged bronze tubes of different diameters that cut through the structure and thus formally connect the individual floors.

The outdoor areas of the two projects were also included in the planning. The two patios are an absolute stroke of luck for this location due to their size. Great importance was attached to their design, as the climatic conditions mean that much of life shifts to these outdoor areas. Swimming pools, showers, outdoor fireplaces, lounge and dining areas make the two patios the centre of summer life on the Spanish Mediterranean island.

The façade concept of the two apartment buildings enables a metamorphosis of the flats from hermetically sealed structures to structures that completely open up to the sea and the promenade.

The two-storey building consists of a ground floor with large panoramic glass panes facing the sea and the entrance areas, cubes made of vertical slats that protrude from the façade. The panorama panes can be closed by horizontal metal slats that slide down into the window bases when opened. This provides privacy from the promenade when the slats are partially open.

The vertical slats of the entrance areas are repeated on the upper floors. Again, the slats form a strictly cubic structure that rests on the ground floor. The slats also form the shutters of the windows on the upper floor.

These quote the classic shutters, the persianas of traditional Spanish construction. When closed, they are an invisible part of the façade.

Harald Hatschenberger
Henning Weimer

Copyright Artworks
Courtesy Monika Nguyen

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