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Corporate architecture - brand values translated into interior design

Interior designs for office planning, shop design & practice furnishing. More than the spatial shell for different production sites, think tanks, sales premises and service centres. In the design process of corporate architecture, interior designers delve deep into the DNA of companies and their culture in order to analyse, understand and communicate "who you are", "what you can do" and "what you stand for" with creative means. Beyond the mere logo presence, the destilat interior design office develops working worlds that make brands tangible and accessible and create an authentic framework for products and services. With their minimalist interior designs, the architects from Linz and Vienna succeed time and again in subtly and impressively telling a company's story.

destilat Interior Design Vienna for brands from all over the country

How can processes be optimised with the help of interior design and its spatial structure?
How do you design shops in which customers and employees feel equally comfortable? And what is the architectural balance between entrepreneurial generosity and cost efficiency that avoids "empty kilometres", keeps communication channels short and at the same time offers as much space as is necessary for the development of each individual team member?

Cheese dairy, brewery and wine manufactory. Medicine, real estate, telecommunications, advertising & insurance.

As different as the industries and products are for which destilat has developed interior designs in large and small company headquarters since 2010, the interior designers from Linz and Vienna are just as stringent in their approach. Beauty alone is simply not enough. destilat examines work processes and their spatial settings very closely, scrutinises existing processes and possible problem areas in order to open up potential with new structures. Sometimes it is also a matter of doing pioneering work in interior design and defining the spatial equivalent for a completely new corporate field.

The destilat interior designers are convinced: space encourages positive action if it is designed accordingly. Their modern office planning focuses on open structures and lines of sight to strengthen the feeling of togetherness and promote communication at eye level - closed-off individual offices are a thing of the past for entrepreneurs. Design can also inspire patience and calm - qualities that are highly relevant for the interior design of the medical practice.

Space to work - architecture and interior design for office, shop, law firm & surgery

Interior design for the working environment has to fulfil many parameters and thus architects and interior designers bear great responsibility in the development of working environments. Primarily, corporate architecture must "function" - enable production processes and optimise them as much as possible. In addition, interior design for offices, shops or factories has to take into account all kinds of occupational health requirements - after all, we spend half of the day at our workplaces. In order to be productive and efficient, we need space to work. destilat Interior Design Vienna likes to talk about room to manoeuvre and working atmospheres that have an inspiring effect on creative processes.

Award-winning destilat interior design from Linz and Vienna

The Clemens Strobl wine manufactory in Mitterstockstall, Lower Austria, is one of the high-flyers of destilat interior design. To date, the interior design for the office, tasting room and production facility has won the following awards and nominations: German Design Award in Gold (Interior Architecture), Iconic Award Best of Best (Innovative Architecture/Germany), Dezeen Award Shortlist (Large Workspace Interior/England) and first place at the Big See Design Award (Slovenia). The project Lingenhel - Interior Design for Shop & Cheese Factory in Vienna has also won many awards: the Big See Interior Design Award (Slovenia), the Austrian State Prize for Design, Shortlist AAP The Architecture MasterPrize (Commercial and Industrial Design/USA), a Special Mention at the German Design Award as well as bronze from the German Designer Club and first place at the Iconic Award (Germany). Shop design and interior design by destilat for the tasting and sales room of the Stiftsbrauerei Schlägl in Aigen-Schlägl also received an award: Big See Interior Design Award (Slovenia).