Interior Design - Lounge

PwC Lounge


Year: 2018
Status: Concept study
Client: PwC Austria

PriceWaterhouseCooper has taken up residence on the top floors of the DC Tower, Vienna's tallest skyscraper. In addition to office space on 14 levels, the Austrian think tank of internationally active chartered accountants, tax and management consultants also has a spacious executive lounge including a roof terrace at its disposal. destilat was commissioned by PwC to prepare a concept study for the use and design of this complex space.

The starting point for the design was to provide an atmospheric counterpoint to the number-dominated and stressful everyday life. For this purpose, destilat has immersed the Skylounge in a discreet jungle flair, which is composed of virtual motifs and natural plants. Lamellae-shaped membranes form the light room boundaries within the difficult floor plan, behind which "the jungle" can be found as wallpaper and exotic plants. Because of the small rooms, the furniture was designed for multifunctional use - the conference table can easily be converted into a dinner situation with a bar element.

The two-storey outdoor areas with characteristic metal construction are designed as a stylised, Japanese Zen garden that invites you to stroll and linger and leads in a semicircle around the central lounge. It is designed with swing chairs, light colours and delicate planting as a deck zone in deliberate lightness. The concept aims to allow employees to take time out from their meticulous screen and computer work, to switch off, recharge their batteries and be inspired amidst vegetative design elements and by the unobstructed view over the city: A metaphorical "standing above things" creates distance and helps to find new solutions.

Harald Hatschenberger
Thomas Neuber
Henning Weimer
Sophie Kessler
Lukasz Paginowski