Corporate Architecture - Offices

Does it take a design studio to do good work?

In any case, a good plan, optimal structures, spaces for development and retreats, and materials that withstand the daily hustle and bustle over a long period of time are needed to ensure that investments in office space planning are sustainable. Office planning becomes perfect architecture and interior design with the right lighting, acoustics and climate planning, as the destilat interior design office agrees. Anyone who takes a closer look at the work of destilat Interior Design Vienna will immediately understand that the office planning of the interior designers is far more than just decorative surface design. destilat architects and interior designers analyse established procedures and work processes very precisely in order to question them, optimise them and, if necessary, develop new and more efficient structures for working in offices and workrooms.

Modern architects for contemporary working environments

Hardly anything has changed as much in recent decades as working life - both here and across the globe. The shifts in the world of work have become even more apparent since we have become temporarily dependent on home offices and virtual collaboration due to a pandemic. Flexibility, dynamism and efficiency are requirements that destilat Innenarchitektur Wien Linz skilfully take into account in their office interior design and open up functional possibilities. Translated into the language of interior designers, this results in terms such as multifunctionality and modularity. Whereas years ago we all had our traditional desks in the office, more recently we are increasingly working in teams of different sizes and project groups with external co-workers. Changes and framework conditions that must be increasingly taken into account and made possible in demand-oriented and flexible office planning. As an interior designer for offices, medical practices or agencies, destilat Interior Designers Linz Vienna can draw directly from their personal wealth of experience - architecture and interior design belong to those sectors in which classic work processes have been undergoing structural change for years.

Office design as a communication hub

Hardly anyone works alone any more - cooperation in teams of different sizes has moved into our offices, surgeries, law firms and agencies. Such cooperation requires continuous exchange. And so communication has become a central component of work. The office as a workspace has developed into a marketplace of knowledge and a place of social interaction. Regardless of whether it's a direct conversation with colleagues, a zoom meeting or the many telephone calls that determine everyday working life - destilat Interior Design Vienna creates corresponding office space plans that make the constant exchange on different communication channels possible both spatially and organisationally. Where togetherness is in the foreground, office design needs open floor plans and lines of sight that can be maintained with permeable or transparent materials, as well as appropriate room sizes that provide enough space for larger teams. Concentrated and contemplative work, on the other hand, requires the opposite: privacy and noise protection as well as closed structures and protected spaces for reflection.

Corporate architecture - showing who you are externally and internally

From an entrepreneurial point of view, it is increasingly important to make brand values visible in the architectural appearance of the office design in addition to the written and advertising corporate communication. On the one hand, corporate architecture as part of an overarching corporate identity is directed outwards - to potential clients, customers, partners, competitors and general perception. It is equally important to communicate the corporate identity internally with the help of design means - to employees, partners and all those who would like to become one. Through corporate architecture, destilat Innenarchitektur Linz Wien show what is important to companies, how they see themselves and how they want to be perceived. This is done very subtly through the definition of the colour and material world as well as the chosen language of form and goes far beyond the implementation of logos and slogans in interior design.

Office design as a driver for success

There is no accounting for taste - but whether the office design works can be clearly measured. Investing thoughtfully and strategically in office planning and interior design therefore also pays off in business terms. It enhances the brand value and increases the identification of employees with the company, as the office and its design have a significant influence on the way of living and working, the daily routine and social communication. Clear structures, a pleasant working atmosphere and equipment that complies with occupational health requirements increase motivation and have an inspiring effect on each individual, the overall business processes and productivity.

Award Winning Corporate Interiors by destilat Innnenarchitektur

As simple and straightforward as the office, tasting room and wine cellar of the Clemens Strobl wine manufactory appear at first glance, the spatial concept by destilat Architekten Linz Vienna interweaves the different areas of use into an engaging overall structure in a revolutionary way. This is also seen by national and international interior design juries, who awarded destilat's office planning the following prizes: Winner Dezeen Award (Large Workspace Interior/UK), German Design Award in Gold (Interior Architecture), Iconic Award Best of Best (Innovative Architecture/Germany) and first place at the Big See Design Award (Slovenia).
The office space planning by destilat for Herrmann Fleischlos, the Upper Austrian-based vegan brand of the food giant Neuburger, was also highlighted by A-List Online (Austria) and Homify Online (Germany).