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Interior design Shop design: brand staging turned into space

For destilat Interior Designer Linz Vienna, exceptionality and functionality are by no means opposites, but clearly the two most important pillars for shop interior design. With them, interior designers generate attention and put products and services in the best light. With their work, destilat interior designers help shops appeal to potential customers, stage the brand, ensure optimised structures and a pleasant working and sales climate. As part of corporate architecture, interior design goes far beyond surface design: it is considered a brand-building, customer-binding, identity-strengthening and thus clearly a sales-promoting measure. Brand identity shows the world of values of a company and its brand. Architecture and interior design are ideal media for translating these theoretical concepts, emotions and social attitudes into real materialities.

Interior design and business design as an experience

For destilat interior design Linz Vienna, shop design must emphasise the desirability of the offer and make optimal use of spatial conditions. For destilat, successful shop interior design elevates products and services to an integrative design element of interior design. The material product or immaterial service is the starting point for all design considerations - materials, textures, colours and shapes are based on the characteristics of the product or reflect it in exciting contrast. Products are shown both in their original frame of reference and deliberately placed in an alien context. When the experienced destilat interior designers for Geschäfts Design turn traditional beer bottles into unique ceiling chandeliers, it is easy to see that everything in the otherwise simply designed tasting room revolves around the refreshing brew of hops and malt. The unusual product presentation clearly contributes to the inspiration that attracts potential customers and makes shopping an experience.

Innovative concepts for a stimulating customer journey

At a time when online retail is posting record sales, shop interior design is challenged more than ever. But what does it take to lure potential customers into the stationary shop, where shopping from the sofa is so seductively cosy? For destilat Interior Design Vienna, interior designers must appeal to all the senses in shop design, ensure uniqueness and offer space for expert advice. "We have to create structures in which the staff can develop as well as stage an atmosphere in which customers feel comfortable and well advised to keep coming back." For the shop interior designers at destilat, the people on site are one of the big plus points compared to anonymous online retail. Real shops and real sales staff have the advantage of being able to respond personally to customer wishes, to advise individually and to react spontaneously - an opportunity that retailers must of course also recognise and provide for correspondingly appealing shop premises. Offline shops cannot stop the boom of online trade, but destilat Interior Design Vienna sees it as the task of interior designers for shops to counter this with adequate and special interior designs.

How to give shops their own identity as interior designers

Since shopping has developed beyond the mere fulfilment of needs into a popular leisure activity, customers also expect appropriate presentations. In their interior design offices, destilat develop with staging, entertainment, exceptionality and at the same time develop shop concepts that create an emotional bond between product and customer. Individuality is the only way to stand out from the crowd. It is a matter of establishing oneself as a label or special service provider and understanding interior design business design as a homage to corporate values. The more consistently these are conveyed, the more clearly the brand identity is perceived by customers. Customers agree with this through their brand loyalty, as do international studies and design juries.

destilat Shop Design: Interior design for award-winning corporate retail projects

The interior design of the shop by destilat for the Lingenhel shop, cheese dairy and restaurant received a great deal of attention in the media both nationally and internationally and has also won many prizes: Winner Big See Award (Slovenia), Austrian State Prize for Design (Austria), Shortlist Interior Design American Architecture Prize (USA), Special Mention at the German Design Award, Bronze for Good Design from the German Designer Club and winner of the Interior Category Innovative Architecture at the Iconic Award (Germany). destilat was equally successful with his shop design as interior designer for the Strobl wine manufactory: Winner Large Workspace Interior at the Dezeen Award (UK), German Design Award in Gold, Iconic Award Best of Best (Germany), Winner Big See Interior Design Award (Slovenia). As outstanding interior designers for business design, destilat was also honoured for its shop interior design for the Schlägl Abbey Brewery: Special Mention at the German Design Award as well as Winner Big See Interior Design Award (Slovenia). The destilat interior design shop design for Niederösterreichische Versicherung received top marks in the practical test. Following the example of the company headquarters in St. Pölten, a further 45 locations throughout Lower Austria were converted as consistent corporate architecture in the destilat Interior Design Vienna Linz. The corporate architecture of UPC also went into series production very successfully - interior and business design by destilat skilfully translated the corporate identity of the telecommunications provider into architecture and interior design.