Team - destilat

Thomas Neuber

Harald Hatschenberger

Henning Weimer

Sophie Pfeffer

Marion Fussi

Pamela Reiterer

Nadiia Chabanna

Simone Bauer

Magdalena Haas

Lukasz Paginowski

Kathrin Ricote

Lea Kaltschmidt

Judith Stabl - Project Partner

Karin Klusek (maternity leave)

destilat Design Studio is active throughout Austria and internationally in the fields of interior architecture and furniture design.

destilat considers each task in a holistic context and offers complete interior design concepts for the private and public sectors, for hotels, offices and business premises, as well as for trade fair presentations, which are elaborated down to the smallest detail.

We deal intensively with corporate architecture and the integration of brands and products into the respective architecture.

At the same time, destilat supports its customers in the joint development of series products in the furniture sector.

The mission describes destilat as follows:

"There is no past, present or future. There is only what you make of it. Design is a process without beginning and without end, a field of great curiosity, a depository of ideas.

We move in this creative environment, somewhere between the old and the new. We are looking for the innovative that seems familiar, for the provocation that touches us, for the functional seriousness that makes us laugh.

We work with all emotions and senses.

Customer needs, technical hard facts and aesthetic qualities are combined step by step in the design process.

The essence of this process is the product.
Concentrated, reduced, distilled.

We call it by our name.