Interior Design - Hospitality

Successful interior design for hotels, restaurants and bars conveys a sense of security and hospitality while at the same time transporting you to unknown worlds.

We are passionate travellers and gourmets ourselves - experiences that flow into our work as interior designers for hotels, restaurants and bars and inspire the creation of a sense of home and pleasure. In our interior designs, we juggle with colour and light moods, with materials, accessories and with a formal language that translates emotions into objects.

Interior designer for gastronomy and hotel business

Whether it's a dreamy boutique hotel, a high-end luxury hostel, a sleek business quarter or a traditional family guesthouse; an elegant gourmet restaurant, a hip pop-up diner or a chic rooftop bar - it's all about bathing your place of business in a particularly beautiful light. It's about emphasising individuality and developing a welcoming design feeling. Because only the extraordinary - regardless of the star category - is what guests remember and will want to come back to.

Outstanding hotel interior design

Being neutral and average in order to please everyone as much as possible is not enough to survive in competition. Even the formerly uniform budget category is taking design cues from boutique and design hotels. To make a good first impression, there is no second chance and no better place than the hotel lobby. In a coherent overall concept of interior design, decoration, lighting mood and excellent staff performance, the story of the hotel can be told here. The lobby is the hotel's business card - it may surprise and seduce, but it must always be authentic and must not promise anything that the rooms cannot deliver. Only in this way can the overall structure be perceived credibly by the guest.

The assumption that a considered interior design for the public areas would break the hotel budget is clearly wrong. In the overall volume, their costs do not play a significant role - but they are investments that clearly pay off. After all, apart from the rooms, it's all about a coherent overall concept. We advocate the clear positioning of our clients - it is their story that we want to tell in terms of design and on which our basic considerations for hotel interior design are based.

Signature Design: Gastronomy Interior Design

A kitchen line or a wine selection can also be translated into architecture - the way food is prepared, what raw materials are used and what drinks are served. Gourmet temple, university canteen or tea salon - our interior design for restaurant projects has its origins in the menus and drinks menus of the venues. As well as in the philosophy of the chefs, bartenders and winemakers who run them.

Gastronomic creativity

Developing the interior design for a new project is always an honour because you are launching something and developing a brand. But it is equally exciting as an interior designer for gastronomy to help shape the transformation of an established establishment and to be there when a traditional business reinvents itself. It is important to understand spatial and organisational conditions as well as historically evolved structures. This requires empathy and experience, which we bring with us from our many years of work. It is not uncommon for an existing hotel to be converted in stages and during ongoing operations - starting with a few rooms and the public areas to ultimately result in a coherent and new appearance.

But how does destilat approach the interior design of hotels, restaurants and bars? We prefer to speak of guests rather than a target group. They are the size that defines many parameters. After all, business people have completely different wishes and needs than the motley patchwork family or the newly in love couple when it comes to going on holiday, staying overnight, eating and drinking. We dive into the history of your house to discover who you are and where your strengths lie. We look at what the neighbourhood is like, what people love about being your guest. We compare this information with your ideas and develop a design concept. Just get in touch if you too would like to go on this creative voyage of discovery with us for your gastronomy project or hotel conversion.

Award-winning destilat Interior Design from Vienna and Linz

For the gastronomy interior design of Bar and Restaurant Lingenhel - connected to the unique Stadtkäserei in Vienna - destilat interior design received several awards: the Big See Interior Design Award (Slovenia), the Austrian State Prize for Design, shortlisted AAP The Architecture MasterPrize (Commercial and Industrial Design/USA), a Special Mention at the German Design Award, bronze from the German Designer Club and first place at the Iconic Award (Germany). The interior design by destilat for the tasting and sales room of the Stiftsbrauerei Schlägl in Aigen-Schlägl also received an award. It won the Big See Interior Design Award (Slovenia). In addition to large construction sites in spectacular locations, it is sometimes the small projects that cause a sensation with domestic and international juries. In the case of Rossbarth, the first restaurant of two young award-winning chefs in Linz, the architects from Linz and Vienna had to cope with a very tight budget and challenging architectural specifications. destilat was able to win twice for its ideas and the restaurant interior design of Rossbarth: the German Design Award (Interior ARchitecture) and the Big See Tourism Award (Slovenia).