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Danube Flats


Year: 2020
Status: Competition
Client: Soravia Service GmbH

Located directly on the New Danube, a popular Viennese recreation area, Austria's tallest residential tower rises 180 meters and 48 stories into the sky. With serviced apartments, in-house gastronomy and local amenities, wellness facilities, business and executive lounges, the project appeals to sophisticated tastes and, in addition to its exquisite furnishings, offers breathtaking views of the Danube, the Kahlenberg or the so-called Kaiserwasser with its natural bathing areas.

destilat have declared this location in the greenery of the Danube metropolis to be the overriding design theme for the public areas and bring nature into the interior with many green islands and the airy light overall impression of an exuberant garden. There, the naturally vegetative meets open floor plans, brightly colored furnishings and striking patterns. Thonet's bentwood chair, which characterizes so many traditional Viennese coffeehouses, was literally deconstructed by destilat for this design: The seat covering - the so-called Viennese weave, can be discovered in its striking structure as a semi-transparent room divider, ceiling covering or wall scheme. Bentwood as a material for seating furniture is found - unconventionally transferred into a 60-ies look - in the loose seating. Suspended armchairs, lounge chairs and bar stools made of bentwood float in the room and, alongside the lush greenery, give the impression of having arrived in the middle of a relaxed time-out experience. Each individual area is bathed in understated luxury. The changing rooms in the wellness area, for example, are designed as elegant boudoirs modeled on haute couture showrooms. In its interior design, destilat succeeds in weaving elegant, international flair with classic "Viennese DNA".