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We are your interior-and design architects. If you are looking for ideal and individually designed interiors for your flat, apartment, penthouse, shop, office, or hotel, we will gladly help you to define and shape exactly what you need. Your individual requirements are the measure of all things. We translate what you need into impressive interiors – with a lot of sensitivity and our vast know-how of all things related to interior design.

Take a look, we would love to work for you!

Understanding, considerate, experienced, unbiased, imaginative, decisive, visionary, far-sighted, solution-oriented, passionate, reliable, stylistically confident, well structured, competent, interdisciplinary, and tasteful.

A free introductory session in our offices helps us to get to know each other. We will take this opportunity to find out who you are, how you think, what you like and what is important to you, to gauge which options may emerge during the development of interior design plans for you and your property.

Listening with an open mind, arranging ideas, defining requirements, searching and finding solutions.

This is our strategy. It is the foundation from which our designs take shape – based on your life, your habits, and work methods. The ultimate goal for these spaces that we design for you is to meet your individual requirements.

Full service or detail work?

Our interior design concepts for apartments, penthouses, houses, offices, shops, and hotels range from layout and furniture planning to detailed lighting concepts as well as the fine-tuning of colour selections and materials. Alternatively, we can choose everything for your and take over coordination, supervision, and execution. However, feel free to hire us just for specific aspects of our entire service portfolio – we work reliably, flexibly, and tailor our services to your requirements.

We spend most of our time in buildings. Our spatial environment has a significant impact on our wellbeing and our lives. This is why the design of our own living spaces and workplaces is particularly important.

Private living
From kitchens to bathrooms and living areas, we design spatial solutions and interiors with a lot of experience – for apartments, houses, as well as holiday homes. We work with individually tailored solutions, design objects of international collections, or unique vintage pieces – they are different every time but their goal is always to create the ideal environment for your lifestyle.

Kitchens are central spaces in apartments and houses, therefore we pay particular attention to them in our designs. After all, they are the hub of any family’s life, the place where we meet, tell each other stories, celebrate children’s birthdays, arrange candlelight-dinners, and the most interesting party conversations take place. Whether you are a fan of traditional fitted kitchens or always dreamed of having a free-standing kitchen island, whether you love open shelves or prefer hiding your kitchen chaos behind stylish fronts – we know how to make all available aspects of your new kitchen work and turn quite a few traditional interior design concepts on their heads along the way.

We also like to emphasize bathrooms in our work. Trends of the last years ended their former shadowy existence and have them play a more significant role in our lives with their openness, special materials, exciting details. We interpret them as private spas and relaxed retreats where we take care of our bodies, regain our strength, and just let ourselves go. Let us show you our designs and interiors to realize our individual wellness area with a diverse range of smart approaches.

Living areas are most certainly the most individual spatial tasks. They say a lot about wellbeing and how people’s life plans express themselves. As interior designers, we created one-room lofts with immense dimensions, spreading all aspects of life on a single floor; elsewhere, we defined organized family living with clear room structures based on several bedrooms; we designed single living boxes with multifunctional interwoven applications, and put penthouses with terraces on several levels on top of existing houses. As interior designers we are more interested in how to use space effectively than how big it is. We want to know what the respective spaces have to be or do for you personally before we even think about what they will look like.

 Living in open spaces Are you among the lucky ones who own a penthouse with a rooftop terrace, loggia, balcony or your own garden? We incorporate open spaces in our design concepts to create interesting viewing axes and relaxed lounge areas that extend your new indoor ambience into green areas. If you live in a warmer climate you most likely cook and sleep as well as live outside. Stylish outdoor kitchens are more than barbecue-ready and turn every garden party into a highlight event. If you want to dream under the stars, we will steer you unerringly through the multitudes of collections of relaxed garden furniture. This is not so much about how big your outdoor area actually is and more about finding the best furniture to merge your indoors and outdoors into one harmonious entity.

Public interiors
We have been setting our sights beyond the private living sector as well. Based on our vast experience as well as our passion for travelling and enjoyment in general, we also design interiors for hotels and restaurants. Corporate architecture for shops, stands at trade fairs, and office spaces is becoming increasingly important in our work. It is not just international top-brands who know that a brand’s image is reinforced by architecture and interior design and that signature interiors have a significant impact on sales. This way, brands and products are integrated into interior designs in many different ways and become experiences.

We translate our clients’ corporate design into customised interior design concepts by combining the respective corporate philosophy our clients with the goals their brands and products aim for. Values, brands, and products must be arranged perfectly to reach the respective target group. The goal is to create places where brands and people can meet, to emotionalise their visitors and reinforce brand trust.

Core competencies
Space as a medium is the core of our work as interior designers. Interior design concepts by destilat are based on analyses of specified premises and their functional as well as aesthetic qualities. This foundation gives us the creative room to direct the full orchestra of interior design options.

We have been developing interior design concepts for private and public projects, for shops, office and business premises, hotels, restaurants, and trade fair presences since 2007. Developing and integrating individual areas, like kitchens, bathrooms, wellness areas, living room, and other interiors is part of our service portfolio. We approach each task in a holistic context and provide interior design concepts that are carefully developed – down to the very last detail. We handle all planning stages and analyze individual client requirements until the respective project is completed and handed over to the client.

“There is no past, no present, and future. The only thing that exists is what you make of it. The design process has no beginning and no ending, a field of vast curiosity, a depository of ideas. We work in this creative environment – somewhere between the old and the new. We search for innovation that seems familiar to us, provocation that affects us, and function seriousness that makes us laugh. We work emotions and all senses. Client requirements, technical hard facts, and aesthetic qualities are reconciled step-by-step in the design process. The essence of this process is the product – concentrated, reduced, distilled. We call it by our name.”

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destilat – Interior Design with offices in Vienna and Linz