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We are your interior designers. If you are looking for the ideal interior design for your flat, penthouse, shop, office or hotel, we as architects and interior designers are happy to help you define your wishes and design your home. Your personal needs are the measure of all things. With a lot of empathy and our destilat interior design know-how, we translate your ideas into impressive interior designs.

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Understanding, attentive, experienced, unbiased, full of ideas, decisive, imaginative, far-sighted, solution-oriented, passionate, reliable, passionate, stylish, structured, competent, interdisciplinary and tasteful.

A free initial consultation in one of our destilat interior design offices in Vienna and Linz serves to get to know each other. We would like to find out who you are, how you think, what you like and what is important to you - in order to sound out which possibilities can arise for you and your property within the framework of an interior design planning.

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Listening openly, organising ideas, clarifying needs, seeking and finding solutions.
This is the strategy of destilat Vienna Linz, with which we, as interior designers, develop our interior designs organically from your life, your habits and your ways of working. So that the spaces we open up for you with our work fulfil the needs you personally have for living and working in everyday use.

destilat Interior Design Vienna - Full programme or detailed work?

destilat interior design concepts for flats, penthouses, houses, offices, shops and hotels range from floor plan and furniture planning to detailed lighting design and the fine-tuning of colours and materials. Of course, destilat Architects Vienna Linz will also be happy to take care of the selection of all the trades involved, the coordination and control as well as the complete handling of your building project. As an architect and interior designer with a great deal of experience, we work reliably, tailor-made and flexibly.

We spend most of our time in buildings and interior designs. Our spatial environment thus decisively determines our well-being and our lives. The interior design of our own living space and workplace is therefore particularly important.

Award winning Public Interiors by destilat Architekten Vienna / Linz

With a wealth of experience as an interior designer and great passion for travel and enjoyment, destilat Innenarchitektur Wien Linz creates characteristic interior designs in the hospitality sector: hotels, restaurants and bars that manifest themselves as an unmistakable design statement in their straightforwardness and clarity.

The corporate architecture for shops, trade fair stands and offices by destilat Interior Design Vienna has also won several national and international awards. Not only top international brands know that the image of a brand is strengthened through architecture and interior design, and that signature interiors also have a sales-promoting effect. Brands and products are very subtly integrated into the interior design by destilat on different levels and made tangible.

We translate our clients' corporate design into tailor-made interior design concepts. In doing so, we combine our clients' corporate philosophy with their brand and product goals. Values, brands and products must be perfectly staged to appeal to the target group.

The aim of destilat interior design is to create places of encounter between people and the brand that emotionalise visitors and confirm their trust in the brand.

destilat Interior Design Linz and Vienna: Exemplary Private Living Interior Designs

With a great deal of experience and sensitivity, destilat Interior Design Vienna also designs room solutions and interiors for flats, houses and holiday domiciles. destilat Innenarchitekt Linz Wien works for its interior designs with individual custom-made products, design objects from international collections or unique vintage pieces. Different every time, but always with the aim of opening up the ideal space for your individual way of life.

destilat architects Linz Vienna offer complete interior design solutions for the entire private living: inviting kitchen designs that form the lively centre of family togetherness; relaxed bathrooms that deserve the name private spa; cosy living rooms that offer space for the most diverse ideas of living and tidy adjoining rooms that turn out to be true spatial wonders. destilat Innenarchitektin und Innenarchitekt Wien Linz also have exciting architecture and interior design ready for open-space living on terraces, loggias and roof gardens.

destilat considers architecture and interior design in a holistic context and thus all rooms are developed from an organic floor plan system.

The core competences of destilat Interior Design Vienna

The medium "space" is the core of our work as architects and interior designers. destilat interior design is based on an analysis of the given space and its functional and aesthetic qualities. Based on this knowledge, we play with the complete architectural and interior design vocabulary for you.

Since 2007, we have been developing design concepts for the private and public sectors in our interior design offices in Vienna and Linz for shops, offices and business premises, hotels, restaurants and trade fair presentations. We systematically design and integrate all interior design areas such as kitchen, bathroom, wellness, living room and outdoor spaces such as terrace, roof garden or loggia. We consider each individual task in a holistic context and offer interior design concepts that are well thought out down to the smallest detail and take over all planning steps from the analysis of individual customer needs to the handover of the finished project.

There is no past, no present and no future. There is only what you make of it. Design is a process without beginning and without end, a field of great curiosity, a depository of ideas. We move in this creative environment - somewhere between the old and the new. We are on the lookout for the innovative that seems familiar, for the provocation that touches us and for the functional seriousness that makes us laugh. We work with emotions and all our senses. Customer needs, technical hard facts and aesthetic qualities are harmonised step by step in the design process. The essence of this process is the product - concentrated, reduced, distilled. We call it by our name.

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