Interior designers - Penthouse

Penthouse V


Year: 2015
Status: realised
Client: Private

In the course of the revitalisation of the former Werzer cinema in Pörtschach am Wörthersee, a work by the well-known Wörthersee architect Prof. Franz Baumgartner from 1930, parts of the roof truss were also raised to create space for a generous roof extension.

All in all, a penthouse with 250m2 of living space was created, which serves as a holiday home for a German entrepreneurial family of seven. The calm, harmonious atmosphere in this flat is created here by light floors, cosy grey tones and generous white surfaces.

The focal point of the flat is a spacious living room with a camouflage kitchen, also designed by destilat. The fronts of this kitchen feature Eternit panels. Its pull-outs are set at oblique angles, a fresh design element that provides a welcome counterpoint to the relaxed atmosphere of the living space. A floating ring of light towers over this central kitchen.

Grouped around this spacious, central living room and its open kitchen are the children's cosy bedrooms, a guest room and a master bedroom with adjoining bathroom.

One of the central challenges of the interior design project was to bring the large, up to six-metre-high main room into its own while at the same time creating a pleasantly homely atmosphere.

But also in the selection of other materials and furnishings used, a lot of emphasis was placed on practical application and user-friendly aspects. After all, many things in this flat must also be child-friendly and therefore resistant.

The interior design concept is inspired by structures, textures and the dynamics of roofscapes. With the use of milled Eternit façade panels in the furniture fronts, also away from the kitchen area, it also cites a specific feature of Austrian post-war architecture.

Sofa: "Joy" by Verzelloni
Hanging lamp: "Random" by Moooi
Hifi boxes: "Keramik" by Mo Sound
Curtains: by Nya Nordiska
Hanging lamps: "Pleat Box" by Marset
Recessed spotlight: "Bulb" by Xal
Chair: "Taomina Wood" by Alias
Kitchen: "Camouflage" by destilat
Fireplace: by destilat
Room divider: by destilat
Desk: by destilat
Shelf: by destilat
Worktop: "Rivers Yukon" by Silestone
Fitting: "E22" by Vola
Bathtub: "Geo" by Kos

Harald Hatschenberger
Henning Weimer
Thomas Neuber
Katrin Gross
Magdalena Haas

destilat/Harald Hatschenberger

2020 German Design Award, Winner
2019 Austrian Interior Design Award
2018 Big See Design Award, Nominee
2016 Archilovers Online, Best Project

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2019/11 Wohninsider (Austria)
2019/08 Discover Germany (Germany)
2017/06 Schöner Wohnen (Austria)
2017/03 Interiorzine Online (Italy)
2016/10 Book: 150 Loft Ideas (USA)
2016/09 Tischler Journal(Austria)
2016/10 Architekturzeitung Online (Austria)
2016/10Book: Living In Minimal Style (Switzerland)
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