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Bathroom interior design: emancipation from the supporting role

In the trend of recent years, interior design for the bathroom has clearly shed its shadowy existence, the architect and interior designer from destilat agree. With generous floor plans, openness, special materials and exciting details, bathroom interior design has conquered space in our homes. From the destilat interior design office it says: "Our bathrooms are anything but normal, because our clients' wishes are also far from average. In the trend of recent years, the bathroom has undergone quite a fairytale development. What used to be housed as a wet room in the farthest corner of the house, we as interior designers for bathrooms not infrequently move to the centre of the action. From a practical washroom, it is allowed to spread out into a place of well-being. This is sometimes reflected in the room size of our bathrooms. But it is also reflected in the choice of materials, the colour scheme, special accessories and lighting moods, which we as interior designers use to elevate the bathroom from a utility room to a living space. destilat Interior Design Vienna stages the bathroom as a private spa and a relaxed retreat where we can care for our bodies, recharge our batteries and let ourselves go.

Bathroom interior design: layout for a sense of well-being

Openness is another theme that is becoming increasingly apparent in interior design for the bathroom. Many clients of destilat Interior Designers Linz Vienna want an en suite bathroom to the bedroom. Some love to position the bathtub freestanding in the Master Bedroom. And sometimes destilat Interior Design Vienna dissolves the architectural boundaries of their bathroom interior design altogether in order to stage it loft-like as a wellness zone in the room. As an architect and interior designer, destilat ask about the habits, preferences and wishes of their clients in order to design the bathroom interior architecture in such a way that it fits ideally into people's living situations. If you live with a family and have enough space, you may finally want to install a bathroom of your own for the children, where little mucky pups can happily splash around in a bubble bath. This results in a separate bathroom for the grown-ups, from which the interior designers can develop a wellness area and relaxing retreat for diving into.

Features for a feel-good bathroom

Walk-in or waterfall shower, built-in or free-standing bathtub, sauna, infrared towel dryer, double washbasin, touch-free fittings and integrated sound system? The bathroom has upgraded considerably in its design and technical features, confirm destilat Architekten Linz the trend in bathroom interior design. In addition to innovative furnishings, bathroom interior design has expanded to an impressive range, especially in terms of new materials.

New materials for bathroom interior design

The combination of craftsmanship and high-tech has produced plenty of innovations for the interior design of the wellness area in recent years. From natural stone to glass, exposed concrete, composite materials, ceramics, high-quality tiles and even wood, almost anything is possible in the bathroom. Tile alone has reinvented itself in a wide variety of aspects - formats, dimensions, surface structures and coatings as well as an immense wealth of colours fill entire pattern books. The sizes range from small-scale mosaic tiles to porcelain ceramic tiles in immense dimensions. In addition to format flexibility, porcelain stoneware also scores with technical properties - it is waterproof and resistant to stains, can be dyed throughout and digitally printed with large-format patterns. Disturbing joints that become soiled over time are virtually a thing of the past. In addition, certain surface finishes take a particularly close look at the issue of hygiene by means of antimicrobial technology. The result is tiles to which bacteria and germs visibly adhere less easily - a positive research result from the pandemic era.

Natural materials such as wood, leather or natural stone are often imitated with porcelain stoneware - this preserves the degradation of natural materials such as marble, is significantly cheaper and also easier to maintain.

According to destilat Innenarchitektur Wien Linz, the classic cement tile that characterised staircases, kitchens and so many bathrooms in Viennese Gründerzeit houses is currently experiencing a renaissance. The old technique of dyed-through tiles is causing a furore with new patterns and colour shades, as are hand-glazed manufactured tiles - all a little different, they result in an incredibly lively and charming overall picture in the bathroom interior design for destilat Innenarchitekten Wien Linz. We skilfully juggle these elements in our interior design and always find new solutions for architecture and interior design that turn the bathroom into a relaxed private spa, say the interior designer from destilat. Let our interior designs and convince you of the many ways in which we, as architects and interior designers, implement the theme of wellness. destilat Interior Design creates relaxed home spas instead of simple bathrooms in which the elements can be enjoyed to the full.

Inviting bathroom interior design by destilat Interior Design Vienna

destilat interior designers create bathrooms as part of the harmonious ensemble of an entire penthouse or flat interior design. Embedded in an overriding design principle, destilat bathroom interior design is also exceptionally beautiful when viewed in isolation - visible in the following examples.