Interior Designer - Apartment

Flat E&E


Year: 2017
Status: realised
Client: Private

The E&E flat is not only a conventional renovation of a classic Viennese flat in an old building, but also a statement on sustainability in the field of interior design. The central theme of the concept was to combine the clients' quite consumption-critical lifestyle with a high aesthetic standard to create a coherent overall concept.

In addition, the focus was of course on renewing the desolate technical infrastructure such as heating, sanitation and electricity as well as a new, contemporary room layout with an open-plan kitchen/living room, larger bathroom and new children's room in the former kitchen. The aim was to base the interior design concept largely on second-hand furniture and sustainability. A conscious decision was made to avoid trendy classics and high-priced pieces from vintage furniture boutiques.

Almost all of the loose furnishings were purchased via common internet platforms, under two surprisingly not necessarily mutually exclusive parameters. On the one hand, minimal acquisition costs, and on the other, a certain visual appeal. The furnishing concept was developed in an intensive search and selection process in close consultation with the client.

The tiles for the anteroom, bathroom and WC were also made from original fine stone tiles, which were painstakingly freed from concrete adhesions. Of course, the old doors and windows were also restored and the original parquet floors were preserved. The open kitchen with freestanding workbench-style cooking island was custom-made by destilat with worktops and fronts in ivory-coloured Eternit.

The owners do not regard the project as a rigid, dogmatic manifesto for refusing consumption, but rather as an exciting attempt to find a suitable formal equivalent for their own philosophy of life.

Kitchen: design by destilat
Chair: "Dining chair 1877" by Ercol
Chair: "Vintage" by Thonet
Chair: " Cyborg" by Magis
Tables: "Plaza" by Andreu World
Sofa: by Interio
Armchair: "Avenue" by Nube
Carpet: " Kama" by G.T.Design
Curtains: " Souflè cs" by Nya Nordiska
Stove: "Vintage"
Sofa bed: " Gatsby" by Interio
Floor lamp: "Vintage"
Serving trolley: "Vintage"
Washing machine: by Siemens

Harald Hatschenberger

Monika Nguyen

Copyright Artworks
Courtesy Monika Nguyen

2017, Archilovers Best Project

2018/04 Architonic Online (Switzerland)