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Hotels are welcome culture turned into architecture

destilat conducts basic research for hotel and interior design

Relaxation, comfort and cosiness are the essential needs for which architects design hotel interiors. To make a hotel stay unforgettable, however, hotel interior design must go far beyond comfortable feather beds and a chic ambience. Even the number of stars is of little relevance to the success of outstanding hotel interior design. Interior design for reception, rooms, suites and lounges requires deep immersion. For destilat Interior Design Vienna, it is about exploring places and also carefully studying and understanding the people who run and visit these places.

A head start in knowledge for architecture and interior design

For destilat, knowledge of the core of the building task is the starting point of every design. On this basis, the architects from Linz and Vienna develop their overarching interior design ideas. A process that begins in the destilat interior design offices with many questions: What does it mean to be on the road, to travel abroad, to work somewhere else and to temporarily live out of a suitcase? What different demands do business travellers versus pleasure travellers place on interior designers, hotels and design? What distinguishes good hosts? What design parameters are necessary to give every guest the feeling of being warmly welcomed. And how can the individual answers to all these questions be translated into hotel interior design?

Architectural authenticity as a logical language of form

How the interior design for the reception area, public spaces and rooms is organised and designed is not a matter of arbitrariness or pure taste for destilat. Rather, destilat interior design Linz Vienna generates order structures, material and colour worlds directly from basic architectural research in order to capture what is special about the location and distil unique interior designs from the individual philosophy of the house. Based on this background knowledge, some things arise quite logically - materials, colours, shapes and fabrics that can be derived from the surrounding landscape or tradition. The designers at destilat Innenarchitektur are convinced that only when hotels reinvent themselves from their own history will the newly told story of the hotel be perceived as coherent and authentic by guests and hosts alike.

Design clarity opens up new spaces and possibilities
Building on what has been does not mean continuing to think in old patterns. Building something is always a conscious further development. destilat Interior Design Vienna supports clients in setting this necessary process of awareness in motion and in clarifying the organisational and design direction in which the interior design for the hotel can go. Traditions are consistently continued or deliberately broken, but always with a view to the hotel's own history and modernity.

Hotel lobby: interior design of the new parameters

The first and most important impression of a hotel is made in the lobby. It doesn't matter whether the interior design of the reception area provides for a classic entrance with a trustworthy concierge or whether the welcome desk is designed as an uncomplicated self-check-in. The most important task of interior design: reception is to welcome guests in an inviting way, to arouse anticipation for their stay and to organise structures for smooth processes. For destilat Interior Design Vienna, there is no better place to tell the story of a house than the hotel lobby - the interior designer and interior decorator advocate that the public areas should not be seen as incidental passageways. The interior design of the lobby is the control centre for many processes in the building, the first thing guests see when they enter a hotel and also the place where visitors end their stay. Successful welcome desk design is highly relevant to how guests remember their hotel experience.

Exemplary destilat hotel interior design:

The Ritz Carlton Hotel in Moscow has relied on the hotel interior design expertise of destilat architect and interior designer for the complete redesign of its impressive roof terrace. The hotel's hip O2Lounge is located in the heart of Russia's metropolis and, with its 12th floor, spatially as well as spherically above things. The interior designers from Vienna and Linz respond to the magnificent view of the famous Red Square with the Kremlin and St Basil's Cathedral with generosity of design. The architecture and interior design of the 1,100 m2 location were conceived by destilat Interior Design Vienna as a public "plaza" and with year-round usability in mind. This inviting interior design offers a breathtaking stage for different lifestyles and desires - from relaxed sundowners to elegant fine dining to exciting DJ nights above the rooftops of the city, there are no limits here.

With the interior design of Hotel Überseeinsel Kellogg's in Bremen, destilat interior designer and interior architect are continuing the food giant's forward-looking project in a radical hotel interior design. Where breakfast cereals were produced and shipped worldwide for decades, an entire city district is being created. Right in the middle, in the towering tanks of the former grain silos, modern lifestyle is being created with the help of destilat interior design. The welcome desk interior design is just as casually interpreted as a meeting zone as the relaxed sleeping in the round rooms with breathtaking views of the nearby Weser and the Europahafen.