House S


Year: 2021
Status: in planning
Client: Private

For House S on the Styrian-Slovenian border, destilat redimensioned and "repositioned" a previous concept. The starting point was an old wine house that was to be demolished and merged with an existing and very overhanging basement. Due to the poor substance, destilat decided to translate it into modern architecture as a black gable building, which is oriented in cubature and material to the traditional wooden house and is enthroned on the angular basement.

On the street side, the building complex deliberately closes itself off in order to open up towards the valley and the landscape form in full width deep into the spatial envelope. The central entrance creates a square architecture and divides the natural stone cube into two structures. Wine cellar, wellness area, bedroom and studio find space here and are flanked by pool house and garages. The upper floor with its column-free, open gable houses the spacious living room with its historic wine press and open fireplace, kitchen, gallery, office and a wind-protected terrace.

In their material world, the architecture and interior design are oriented towards archaic materials produced by the surrounding nature: Natural stone, reminiscent of the traditional dry stone walls in the region; bush-hammered exposed concrete walls and ceilings that tell of the mason's craft; and wooden slats and surrounds, blackened and made durable using traditional Shou Sugi Ban techniques. Together, they form a subtle ensemble of seemingly simple materials, earthy natural tones and interesting textures that invite the eye to look carefully and create the tranquil atmosphere for a relaxing vacation home.