Interior Designer - Apartment

Flat B


Year: 2018
Status: realised
Client: Private

A furnishing concept for a family. The clients purchased two flats opposite each other on the 4th floor of a Viennese Gründerzeit building. The smaller flat of 65 m2 is oriented towards the courtyard, the larger flat of approx. 100 m2 is oriented towards the street or courtyard. By separating a part of the staircase, the two flats could be connected, thus offering the possibility to use these two flats very flexibly.

The larger flat had to be completely refurbished, and the room layout was also completely redesigned to meet the needs of the residents.

By moving walls, it was possible to create 2 quiet bedrooms on the courtyard side. The anteroom was reduced in size. The bathroom was located in the former servant's room (cabinet) on the street side and now has a free-standing bathtub with a view of the surrounding stately Wilhelminian style buildings up to the Naschmarkt flea market, as well as the distant skyline of the Laaer Berg. The kitchen was integrated into the dining room with a free-standing block of large-format fine stone tiles.

A living room, which can be partitioned off as a guest room by means of double doors, connects the anteroom with the dining room.

The project offered the opportunity to develop a very variable, flexible utilisation concept tailored to the needs of the family. From short-term renting and partial owner-occupation by the family of 5, to occupying the entire space, to separate use of the two units, many variations are possible.

The furnishing concept developed by destilat together with the clients consists of a mix of lovingly restored vintage objects, which are intended to emphasise the charm of the old building, as well as new furniture, which must correspond to the flexible use.

Mirror : "Vintage"
Stool: "Vintage"
Ceiling lamp: "Vintage"
Kitchen: design by destilat
Kitchen worktop: "Quietstone Maximum Quiet Rock" by Fiandre
Dining chair: "Maarten" by Viccarbe
Serving trolley: "Vintage"
Ceiling lamps: "Vintage"
Table lamp: "Vintage"
Chair: "Vintage" by Thonet
Coat rack: "Vintage" by Thonet
Washbasin: "Salsa" by Tikamoon
Bathtub: "ATW BA 106" by Eago
Faucets: "Meir Black" by Mastello
Washbasin: "LC 148" by Stoneart
Bed: "Portobello" by Maison du monde
Nightstand: "Portobello" by Maison du monde
Sofa bed "Gatsby" by Interio
Carpet: "Merkoya" by Made
Side table: "Vintage"
Wall lights: "Vintage"

Harald Hatschenberger

Monika Nguyen

2019/09 Cube (Austria)
2019/06 Volksblatt OÖ (Austria)
2018/10 Archinect Online (US)
2018/08 Homify Online (Germany)
2018/06 Architonic Online (Switzerland)