Interior design - meeting room

Neuburger Hermann Meatless


Year: 2018
Status: realised
Client: Neuburger Hermann Fleischlos

The traditional company Neuburger launched HERMANN, a new premium brand for meat-free enjoyment. The market launch of an innovative product requires a lot of convincing, which in the food industry naturally happens through tasting and trying. At the company headquarters in Ulrichsberg, Upper Austria, a new meeting room was therefore built in addition to the company's own production facilities, which can also be used for presentations and tastings of the organic product.

dedestilat translated the multifunctional requirements of the location into a corporate architecture that, like the brand itself, is pure and unadorned. It was a challenge to design the space with its two-sided glazing so that it could present itself as open but also as a self-contained unit.

Dark oak panels and floor-length curtains in subtle natural tones form the shell of the long rectangular room, whose mood can be changed with transparent blinds and black outs at the touch of a button and appears theatrical with the large screen. The furniture can be arranged flexibly with a central conference table, as a U-shaped table or for cinema seating for 16 people. An elongated sideboard is the place where the product is presented. The six pendant luminaires echo the image of sideboards in restaurant kitchens, symbolically charging the product and clearly placing it in the limelight.

Neuburger Hermann Meatless

Suspension lamp: "Cathode" by Davide Groppi
Lighting system: " Baso 50" by Xal
Table: "Trestle" by Viccarbe
Chair: "Maarten" by Viccarbe
Curtain fabric: "Dimmer III" by Creation Baumann
Curtain rails: "Top/Elektro" by Leha

Harald Hatschenberger
Sophie Kessler
Thomas Neuber
Henning Weimer
Lukasz Paginowski

Harald Hatschenberger/destilat

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