Interior design - open lounge

Lounge Z


Year: 2019
Status: realised
Client: Private

For a lover of exclusive vehicles who wanted a suitable architectural setting for his automobile collection, destilat integrated an open lounge into the spacious garage.

For this purpose, a separate area was defined in the two-storey structure that leads downwards via a three-step staircase and is thus spatially separated from the garage. At the same time, the cars are raised and the presentation of the collection on a platform gives them a museum-like character.

The two permanently installed main elements, which serve on the one hand as a hospitality and bar module and on the other hand as a spatial separating element or shelf, combine teak bodies with green marble slabs, which are formally and constructively united by a frame of black moulded tubes. With its vertical teak slats, the shelf defines subtle spatial boundaries, but its transparency nevertheless makes it possible to see from the lower lounge into the actual garage area and vice versa.

With this project, a relaxed place was created in a stylish ambience that offers an unobstructed view of the precious collector's items and invites you to talk shop among like-minded people.

Sofa: "Florence Sofa" by Knoll International
Sofa table: "Florence Knoll Low Table" by Knoll International
Bar stool: "Maarten" by Viccarbe
Carpet: "Smoozy" by Object Carpet
Kitchen: own design by destilat
Shelf: own design by destilat
Kitchen fitting: "KV1" by Vola
Ceiling light: "Multi-Lite" by Gubi

Harald Hatschenberger
Henning Weimer
Sophie Kessler
Lukasz Paginowski

Monika Nguyen

2020/04 OE24 Auto Online (Austria)
2020/03 AIT Online (Germany)
2020/02 A-List Online (Austria)
2019/08 Discover Germany (Germany)
2019/06 Archinect Online (US)
2019/06 Archello Online (Italy)
2019/06 Viccarbe Online (Spain)
2019/05 Homify Online (Germany)