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Cewe Photo Book Office


Year: 2019
Status: Draft
Client: Cewe Fotovertrieb GmbH

The task for the design of the Cewe Office was to define and design working areas with different requirements in the middle of the open-plan office. The openness was destilat's programme and the usual welcome desk was replaced by inviting lounge islands that can be flexibly converted into an informal meeting room by means of floor-length textile room dividers. Elements that play with the round shape of the photo lens from floor to ceiling and are repeated several times in the room structure.

Adjacent to the reception lounge are three rows of open work areas marked by floor-to-ceiling metal frames. In addition to visually structuring the space, the lighting is integrated into these frames, and they also serve as a suspension structure for the acoustic panels made of felt as well as for the separating indoor gardens. In addition to open communication, the client's way of working also repeatedly requires being able to think and "be for oneself" in a screened-off environment. For this purpose, "non-territorial offices" were created with small Skype booths, which also function as flexible workplaces for field staff. The room structure is completed by a kitchenette with a lounge and an enclosed manager's office that can be used as another meeting room.

The light colour world of the interior design is determined by warm green and pink tones - the CI colour red, on the other hand, is found only discreetly, but charged with content: like a "red thread", it runs through the interior design as a decorative element or table leg and presents the customer's products as a wall-wide board.

Cewe photo book

Harald Hatschenberger
Sophie Kessler
Lukasz Paginowski
Thomas Neuber