Architecture - Bathhouse

Winery Wagram Badehaus

Mitterstockstall on the Wagram

Year: 2019
Status: realised
Client: Weinmanufaktur Clemens Strobl

The former Meierhof of Winklberg Castle in Mitterstockstall am Wagram already had a historic bathhouse complete with swimming and boating pond, which was converted into a guesthouse in the course of the general renovation of the complex. The historical set pieces - wooden arbours richly decorated with carvings - were restored in style and connected by an elongated, symmetrical bungalow in the style of the 1960s. The spacious living room with open fireplace opens onto the 300m2 pond in front of the house, in the centre of which a natural pool has been embedded.

In addition to the actual design, consulting skills always play an essential role in the work of the interior designers. For the bathhouse at Gut Wagram, too, destilat accompanied the clients with a great deal of empathy in finding their personal tastes and designed an individually coordinated material concept, which can be seen in countless facets in the exterior and interior of the entire facility.

Wine Manufactory Clemens Strobl

Sofa: "vintage"
Carpet: "vintage"
Hanging lamp: "Glow ball" by Flos
Curtains: "Souflè cs" by Nya Nordiska
Curtains: "Bueno Notte" by Nya Nordiska
Chair: "Eames Plastic chair" by Vitra
Dining table: "Eames table, Hermann Miller" by Vitra
Fireplace: "Gyrofocus" by Focus

Harald Hatschenberger
Sophie Kessler
Henning Weimer
Agnes Jetzinger
Lukasz Paginowski
Magdalena Haas

Executing architect
DI Claus Ullrich, Di Hannes Ritzinger

Monika Nguyen