Interior design - House

House E


Year: 2019
Status: Draft
Client: Private

The owner of a 60s house in Vienna Hernals wanted a "breath of fresh air" and more light. In addition, an upscale suite style that takes into account the representative tasks of the businessman from the real estate industry.

For destilat, it was a matter of sounding out what the room envelope could offer. The small-scale structures of the ensemble were radically opened up; partition walls were ground down, window openings enlarged, light-catching glass cubes moved into the room and the staircases reversed - the individual living areas can thus flow into each other in an open and generous way. The room boundaries are thus almost dissolved, replaced by functional and semi-transparent fixtures or subtly marked with landing steps.
The formerly tiny bathroom, for example, is not only enlarged in real terms and fitted with space-saving sliding glass doors, but, like the bedroom, is also visually expanded by means of mirrors.

With the stringent material and colour concept of wood, light-coloured porcelain stoneware and powdery colour accents, destilat underlines the idea of perceiving the two-storey property as a design unit. Light becomes an important design factor here, flooding unhindered through the open room structures and giving the rooms a light and extremely inviting character.

Harald Hatschenberger
Sophie Kessler
Lukasz Paginowski
Agnes Jetzinger
Karin Golab