Interior Design - Kitchen



Year: 2011
Status: realised
Client: destilat

The kitchen camouflage made of Eternit is reminiscent of an original application of the material, namely in its use as façade shingles.

destilat regards the kitchen front as the façade of the kitchen with similar requirements in terms of material and appearance, which can be solved perfectly with the material Eternit.

The kitchen is characterised by a robust, durable surface with a very high-quality look and feel. The material Eternit is also a recyclable natural material and, last but not least, as an Austrian invention with domestic production, a fine example of regional value creation.

As with the classic façade made of Eternit shingles, Camouflage creates a homogeneous overall appearance from many individual elements.

Despite the use of a thin material for the fronts, the impression of a compact, monolithic block is achieved. To reinforce this block-like impression, the necessary horizontal divisions for pull-outs, drawers and access points in the kitchen are executed exclusively at a slightly oblique angle to the horizontal.

This minimal design intervention transforms the partition joint from a necessary evil into a formal means of expression with an ornamental effect. The result is a dynamic joint pattern in the kitchen that to a certain extent "camouflages" or "camouflages" the necessary partition joints. This is how the name Camouflage came about.

destilat plans the kitchen individually according to customer-specific wishes, so that every kitchen is unique.


Eternit TV commercials

Udo Titz, Monika Nguyen

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