Interior design - Restaurant

Rossbarth Restaurant


Year: 2017
Status: realised
Client: Rossbarth Restaurant

The commission to plan the first restaurant of two young chefs in Linz was an opportunity for destilat to implement an exciting interior design project in a listed building.

The architectural concept was tailored to the culinary philosophy of Marco Barth and Sebastian Rossbach, a cuisine based on simple but high-quality, predominantly regional products that are refined in a very sophisticated and creative way. Down-to-earth simplicity, regional added value and high quality standards for the materials used thus also form the basis for the architectural design.

The central challenge of the restaurant project was to restore the spatial quality of the old substance. Suspended ceilings were removed to make the old vaults visible again. The surfaces were carefully restored and preserved as far as possible. An extremely tight budget required very careful consideration of every measure under the premise that "less is more".

The restaurant's formally very reduced furnishings were made using smoked oak and scaled sheet steel, produced by small manufacturers from the Mühlviertel and regional craftsmen.

The rooms thus convey an almost monkish austerity and simplicity, contrasted by selectively placed, more playful elements that leave room for the culinary experience in the truest sense of the word.

For both clients, the spatial connection of kitchen and guest room was a central concern. On the one hand, to enable direct contact with the guests, but also to give the guests an insight into what is happening in the kitchen and to be able to experience the process of producing the dishes up close.

Accordingly, an open sequence of rooms was designed with a reception lounge area, bar and guest room with an adjoining small library and a kitchen open towards the bar, which was also connected to the guest room by a window.

Chair: " Polygon" by Prostoria
Sofa table: "Polygon" by Prostoria
Floor lamp: "Buckle Head" online
Carpet: "Pearl" by Object Carpet
Curtain: "Solid Linen" by Leitner Linen
Bar stool: "AAS38 Low" by Hay
Suspension lamp: "Amp" by Norman Copenhagen
Light spots: "Sqube on track" by Wever&Ducrè
Chair: "CHT 88T" by Carl Hansen
Suspension lamp: "Shades of 3d" by Destilat
Ceiling lamp: "Box ceiling" by Wever&Ducrè

Magdalena Haas
Henning Weimer
Harald Hatschenberger

Monika Nguyen
Jürgen Grünwald

2019 German Design Award, Winner
2019 Big See Interior Design Award, Winner
2019 Big See Tourism Award

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