Interior designers - Restaurant



Year: 2016
Status: realised
Client: Lingenhel

Shop, bar, restaurant and cheese dairy - the "Lingenhel" project is unique in its own way and therefore not an everyday challenge, even for an interior design firm like destilat. Here, a visual and spatial identity was developed for Johannes Lingenhel's culinary-gastronomic vision, for which there was originally no corresponding definition.

The two cornerstones of this interior design concept are the project's listed building in Landstraßer Hauptstraße and Lingenhel's graphic corporate identity.

Inspired by the beams of the historic roof truss, counters, bar counters and presentation furniture were created that are reminiscent of wooden beams stacked into cubes. Surface structure and haptics play an important role. Through patination, they reflect changes that develop over time. In this way, both the long history of the house and the production processes of certain foods find their place in the premises.

The central idea behind this interior design concept is not to fight against natural ageing processes but to use them to enhance quality. The original ageing process thus becomes a refinement process that people like to associate with tastefully maturing cheese or raw ham.

The counter becomes more and more beautiful over time through daily use - it is described with its own history.

The second foundation of the architectural concept - the corporate identity developed by Germaine Cap de Ville for Lingenhel - is given a central role in the interior design with the Lingenhel check.

The check turns from a purely abstract graphic pattern into the basis of the wall-mounted presentation of goods. Translated into the 3rd dimension, it develops into a shelf for wine presentation.

The show dairy with its adjoining tasting and event room in the old farm stables is certainly a central area in the Lingenhel cosmos.

The challenge here was to combine the hygienic requirements of a cheese dairy with the demand for an atmospheric, multifunctional event space.

The cheese dairy area was separated from the rest of the space by a glass wall and can only be entered through a hygiene sluice. The sophisticated lighting dramaturgy is reminiscent of a theatre stage and gives the cheese-making process the desired central role.

The huge central table made of raw wooden beams and the two minimalist chandeliers made of wire mesh give the tasting room an archaic touch that is in keeping with the character of the space and at the same time contrasts attractively with the sober, industrial atmosphere of the cheese dairy.

Chair: " Hippo Chair" by Blå Station
Chair: "Nub Chair" by Andreu World
Tables: "Plaza" by Andreu World
Bar stool: "Branca" by Matiazzi
Hanging lights: "Heavy Metal" by Buster+Punsch
Floor lamps: "Beat Floor Light Black" by Tom Dixon
Wall lamps: "Forty-5" by Delta Light
Indirect light: by Xal
Lamp_cheesery: "Meshmatics Chandelier" by Mooi
Soff covers: by Kvadrat
Washbasin: by Serafin

Harald Hatschenberger
Anke Stern
Magdalena Haas
Henning Weimer
Thomas Neuber

Monika Nguyen

2018 Big See Design Award,Winner
2017 Austrian State Prize, Design, Distinction
2017 American Architecture Prize, Shortlist Interior Design
2017 German Design Award, Special Mention
2017 Deutscher Designer Club, Bronze Gute Gestaltung
2016 Iconic Award, Interior Winner

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