Interior Design - Table


Side table

Year: 2008
Status: Small series
Client: destilat

Silent and inconspicuous, the grandpa side table stands in the middle of the room. When the light comes on, the puristic furniture merges with the opulence of Louis XV, revealing the unmistakable contours of a baroque side table. grandpa combines the charms of old and new. With a pinch of humour and with the invaluable advantage that you can switch the light on and off at any time.

grandma and grandpa consist of mirrored glass plates that are mitred and precisely joined together. Construction and surface are simple, the punched out ornament only becomes visible when electricity is applied.

Manfred Lang

2010/03 Wohnrevue (Switzerland)
2010/01 Kurier (Austria)
2009/10 Sisustaja (Estonia)
2008/12 Frame (Austria)
2010/07 Wien Live(Austria)