Interior designer - office

Lohmann + Rauscher


Year: 2012
Status: realised
Client: Lohmann & Rauscher

A corporate architecture concept for Lohmann & Rauscher, a leading international supplier of future-oriented medical and hygiene products.

The interior architectural concept focuses on the presentation of the brand, the values and the internationality of the company in the space and does justice to the significance of the company.

The concept is essentially based on the establishment of large-scale, wall-bound elements that form a lamella structure.... On the one hand, these elements have the aesthetic function of neutralising the consistently problematic existing architecture and creating a visual bracket that structures, zones and summarises the spaces in a new and clear way. The elements consist of a vertical lamella structure that determines the spatial effect. All tools for product and brand presentation are functionally integrated into this structure and form a formal unit. The products are presented in the form of showcases, each with a specific product. This results in clarity and focus on important products.

The brand is transported via screens. On the one hand, this is a modern means of communication, fitting for a globally leading company, on the other hand, this medium allows the greatest possible flexibility. The internationality of the brand is generously presented via an LED flat panel.

Harald Hatschenberger
Thomas Neuber
Isabel Tendero
Katrin Gross

Monika Nguyen

2017/04 Architonic Online (Switzerland)
2012/12 Archiscene Online (UK)
2012/12 51Arch Online (Japan)