Architecture - Interior Design

Sartorio Napoli Boutique


Year: 2022
Status: realized
Client: K&E Lux Retail GmbH

Sartorio Napoli - a leader in high-quality made-to-measure clothing, has opened its Austrian location in Vienna's city center. Suits, shirts and ties made of fine cloth, twine and silk are tailored to fit the gentleman of the world in classic Italian chic. The interior design by destilat is just as tailor-made, making impressive use of the entire room height of the narrow rectangular floor plan.

The central structure is the innovative staircase that connects the salesroom with the small tailor's workshop. The construction leads with effectively illuminated steps to the mezzanine, only to disappear mysteriously afterwards, while the intermediate corridor cleverly creates space for staff rooms and toilets. Once at the top, the gallery opens onto the main room via a glass balcony and symbolizes the company's core business in its combination of ready-to-wear clothing with made-to-measure craftsmanship. 

The clear store architecture of dark wood, high-quality fabrics and natural tones wraps itself in the noble restraint of precious materials. The classically masculine canon of brown, gray and beige is contrasted by destilat with surprisingly soft contours: Sales desk, display tables (on fluffy carpet islands) and shelves take up the shape of the arched windows. Deliberately positioned in front of their axes, the brand is elegantly presented to the outside world while at the same time preserving the discretion that Sartorio defines as an important factor in trustworthy shopping.

Sophie Pfeffer
Pamela Reiterer
Karin Klusek

Monika Nguyen