Interior Design - Office

Breitwieser Shop


Year: 2023
Status: realized
Client: Breitwieser GmbH

For the traditional Tulln-based company Breitwieser Natural Stones, destilat transformed a winding store in the historic Palais Harrach into an elegant downtown showroom. 

The individual beauty of natural stone is given an impressive stage in the corporate interior: Granite, slate, marble, serpentine, e.a. hang in sample plates of different sizes like museum-like panel paintings in custom-made steel shelves. The surrounding space impressively stages the product: as a backlit picture wall as well as a discreet room envelope, which is painted "all over" in earthy gray and with a coarse duct.

The prevailing verticality of five-meter-high rooms and several floors set destilat with a copper-colored chain curtain and concise light guidance in scene, which stylistically unite the two levels over the listed staircase railing. In the front area of the showroom, the stone floor could be preserved. The part facing the garden is characterized by dark wood floorboards that have been flamed in the Japanese Shou Sugi Ban tradition. The furnishings are sparse, with striking solitaires such as the standing table designed by destilat, made of additively interlocking dark marble slabs.

Harald Hatschenberger
Henning Weimer
Johanna Jelinek
Marion Fussi
Nadiia Chabanna
Magdalena Haas

Monika Nguyen