Interior Design - Lounge

Lounge T


Year: 2019
Status: realised
Client: Private

Destilat designs a lounge in the former workshop of a historic Alpine chalet.

The premise of the concept is the respectful treatment of the original substance, for example the preservation of the old workshop floor with its patina that has developed over the decades and the original steel girders. All new fixtures are carefully matched to this original substance and have similar qualities in terms of feel and patination.

Important for the appearance is the reduction of the means used in the choice of colours and materials. All the new wooden elements used in the room were treated according to the Japanese Shou Sugi Ban method.

In this ancient technique for finishing wood, the surface is charred and then oiled. In this way, the loose furniture of old wooden armchairs and the new fixtures such as table, bar and bench are combined in colour to form a harmonious unit.

The black wooden elements are complemented by two cubic structures made of scaled sheet steel for the vestibule and fireplace cladding. Heraklite panels were chosen for the ceiling, which correspond ideally with the wooden floor and provide acoustic and thermal insulation.

An additional textile component lends the room cosiness, with the golden brown upholstery of the bench and the curtains made of beige linen. The result is a timelessly simple, modern alpine ambience with respect for the existing building stock, without ingratiating itself with the usual "lederhosen style".

Floor lamp: " Arigato" by Grupa
Pendant lamp: "Arigato" by Grupa
Beanbag: "Club Lounge Chair" by Norr11
Chair: "Vintage".

Henning Weimer
Harald Hatschenberger
Agnes Jetzinger

Monika Nguyen

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