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House B.A.B.E.


Year: 2013
Status: realised
Client: Immobilia Obergruber

An architectural concept for a house on Linz's Bachlberg - the B.A.B.E. house stands for exclusive living.

The former residence of an entrepreneurial family from Linz is located at the upper end of the Bachlberg in a peaceful forest setting with a view of the provincial capital Linz and distant views of the foothills of the Alps.

This aging property with its spacious garden was transformed into a modern apartment building with three residential units. The existing building was completely gutted and an additional storey was added with an insulated timber frame construction.

Starting at the base level, the entire structure was slightly twisted in order to optimise the lines of sight to the surroundings. Completely sheathed in grey Eternit shingles, the building takes on a very monolithic, sculptural character, in which the window openings and the recesses for loggias and terraces appear to be randomly distributed.

Flats with different characters and floor spaces of 140-200m2 were created.
The former swimming hall on the ground floor became a residential unit with direct access to the garden area.
The penthouse, however, is the centrepiece, with an open living room, kitchen and dining area, open roof slopes up to 6.5 metres high and a gallery.

Façade: Eternit
Windows: Josko
Switch series: "E2" by Gira
Recessed lights: Recessed luminaire: " Sasso" by Xal
Flooring: "Cromie Fango 08" by Refin Ceramiche

Henning Weimer
Harald Hatschenberger
Katrin Gross

Executing architect
DI Wolfgang Wimmer (

Monika Nguyen

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