Interior Design - Penthouse

Penthouse H


Year: 2020
Status: in planning
Client: Private

The white apartment building towers over the Gersthof landscape like a mighty ship's bow. This architectural theme was the starting point for destilat's design of the interior, which extends over two levels. A central block was placed in the space as a formal bracket between the two decks, housing the wine room, guest bathroom and WC on the upper floor and trapping the staircase to the private basement. Upstairs, the kitchen block, library and home cinema are set into the exterior of the cube. Like a ship, the outer edges of the penthouse have hardly any straight walls - the spatial structures were therefore developed and arranged from within, around the central block.

With its rough plaster stone look, it forms an exciting contrast to the light-coloured furniture, as does its unity in the open space. Warm shades of grey, white and delicate pink are the predominant colours of the interior design, which characterise the interior and also spread throughout the spacious terrace areas.

Light plays a central role in the brightly coloured ambience - next to the flanking ribbon windows, it falls into the room through large hatches, allowing the subtle nuances and fabrics of the interior design to shine through. Instead of smooth and shiny surfaces, soft textiles set the tone and underline the cosiness of the spacious interior.

Sophie Pfeffer
Harald Hatschenberger
Lukasz Paginowski
Agnes Jetzinger
Henning Weimer
Barbara Hemetsberger
Karin Golab