Interior design - House

House L


Year: 2020
Status: in planning
Client: Private

In a spectacular hillside location - between the olive grove and the sea - the property opens up impressive views of the Gulf of Corinth. In order to protect the natural appearance of the coastal landscape and prevent architectural uncontrolled growth, Greece has enacted strict building regulations. destilat captures the earthy colours and raw character of the surroundings with a natural world of materials: Natural stone, wood, exposed concrete and various wickerwork make the holiday home appear as if it has grown out of the landscape.

The narrow interior is anchored block-like in the slope and is accessed via the rear entrance. Kitchen, dining and lounge areas line up in front of the wide window front of the open spatial structure. Somewhat removed, the reading gallery offers tranquillity and also a slightly different view of the action.

Since the real life in the south takes place mainly outside, the outdoor area is significantly larger. As a stylistic bracket, the interior continues seamlessly in the impressive outdoor area. The outdoor kitchen, lounge, changing area, toilet and sunbathing areas are terraced towards the infinity pool and offer different living and exercise spaces under the open sky.

From the kitchen block, which is designed as a rough workbench; natural stone walls that look as if they were built centuries ago to the shade roofs, whose original colour is bleached by the sunlight - the "loose relaxation" is visible and perceptible as an overriding design theme in all corners of the holiday home.

Harald Hatschenberger
Henning Weimer