Interior Design - Office

Immobilia Obergruber Office


Year: 2020
Status: realised
Client: Immobilia Obergruber GmbH

Restraint and discretion are the characteristics that make up the way the real estate industry works. destilat has unceremoniously elevated these qualities to a design principle and developed an elegant interior for the Amstetten-based real estate group that plays with soft tones and subtle nuances. At first glance, the spacious office rooms appear to be plain-coloured - a closer look reveals countless shades, fabrics and structures in the material aesthetics. Laminated wood wall panels, iridescent carpeting, built-in furniture and even the free-standing furniture are all in natural tones.

It is the consistent repetition of design elements and colour values as well as the clear lines that lead to a stringent corporate architecture in which everything is precisely positioned, nothing is cluttered and yet everything is of the finest quality. Distinctive branding is not the result of flashy designs, but rather of a perfect match between brand values and interior design.

Meeting chair: "Mod. Flex" by Andreu World
Waiting chair: "Mod. Flex" by Andreu world
Hanging lamp/office: "Mino60" by Xal
Carpet: "Silky Seal" by Object Carpet
Sofa: "Mod. Cloud" by &tradition
Armchair: "Mod. Cloud" by &tradition
Sofa table: "Mod. Palette" by &tradition
Curtains: "Web" by Fr One
Hanging lamps/meeting table: "Mino60" by Xal
Hanging lamp/reception: "Mod. Palma" by Vibia
Ceiling spots: "Mod. Invisible 100 Round" by Xal
Kitchenette: own design by destilat

Henning Weimer
Magdalena Haas

Harald Hatschenberger

2020/02 A-List Online (Austria)