Interior designers - Restaurant

Specht Inn


Year: 2011
Status: realised
Client: Gasthaus Specht

Right in the heart of Vienna's historic old town, at Bäckerstraße 12, Gasthaus Specht is a fixture on the Viennese restaurant scene. It consists of three areas; the bar, the lounge and the restaurant.

The essential aspect of the design concept for the Specht was to restore the valuable original substance of the premises, which had been increasingly destroyed over the decades, while at the same time creating a pleasant, authentic Viennese inn ambience with a contemporary flair.

A well-balanced, discreet colour and material concept with great attention to the right lighting mood for the different areas perfectly accentuates the historic building fabric.

The heart of the Specht, however, is the bar, where Nebil Ercin has had a hand in his creations. He is the inventor of the now legendary cocktail "Pipline", "dangerously good" and is a permanent fixture on the drinks menu and is offered in almost all bars throughout Austria.

Chair: "Eames Plastic Chair" by Vitra
Pendant lights: "Beat" by Tom Dixon
Sofa: "Vintage"
Armchair: "Vintage"

Harald Hatschenberger
Henning Weimer
Isabel Tendero

Specht Inn