Architecture - Interior Design

Freingruber Shop + Office


Year: 2022
Status: in planning
Client: Karl Freingruber GmbH

Architecture has the power to make brands and values tangible with all the senses. destilat follow this premise in the concept for the new company building of a family business that has been operating a quarry in Burgenland for more than 100 years and processes its own raw material from crushed stone and chippings to the highest quality natural stone slabs. More than a factory hall including an office, the clients wanted a place that would make the premium product Pannonia Green as well as their range of services visible. 

With the striking design, destilat create a landmark on the greenfield site, whose dramatic appearance attracts visitors beyond the actual clientele. A glass showroom, a semi-transparent façade with shading lamellas, and views of the factory hall and the "real work" make the entrepreneurial openness apparent. The employee rooms in the basement are just as inviting as the offices, seminar rooms and the entrance, reflecting the flat hierarchies of the company and enabling multiple use as an event location.

The staging of the brand already begins with the routing through an archway to the foyer, where the showroom and office tract meet and zone the space axially. As a recurring design element, circular arches are consistently found in the interior design (window and ceiling cutouts, archways and carpet islands). Spacious, clear, reduced to an earthy color palette and purist natural materials, the interior provides an impressive stage for the characteristically grained natural stone: Pannonia Green is used in concentrated signature elements and spectacularly lit to emphasize the material's value. 

Harald Hatschenberger
Tjasa Rus
Johanna Jelinek