Interior design - Penthouse

Penthouse BE


Year: 2022
Status: Concept
Client: Premium Immobilien GmbH

In addition to its functional aspects and what the eye perceives visually, design is primarily perceived through touch. It is the feel that makes us perceive materials and their processing as pleasant and plays a major role in our sense of well-being. 

destilat's interior concept takes up this logic of sensual perception as the basis of human experience and relies on a decidedly sensual world of materials to do justice to high-end real estate.

Visually impressive, the materials with their characteristic surfaces, textures and finishes are able to surprise once again in the tactile grasp, telling their very own story about origin, craftsmanship and that subtle difference that we call luxury.

We understand luxury as that which goes beyond the everyday, bewitches with its beauty and knows how to enchant; that which rises above necessities and allows us to have nothing but to be allowed everything; following personal taste, celebrating opulence or pure simplicity. More than a value, luxury is the feeling of having the freedom to choose and to put this liberty into scene with pleasure.

Harald Hatschenberger
Lukasz Paginowski
Agnes Jetzinger
Marion Fussi