Interior design

Pizzeria 22K


Year: 2024
Status: realized
Client: Rossbarth Gastronomie OG

Sebastian Rossbach and Marco Barth have opened their pizzeria 22k in the venerable halls of Peter Behrens' tobacco factory, built in 1925-39 as Austria's first steel skeleton building in the New Objectivity style. The two award-winning chefs (Rossbarth restaurant, also designed by destilat) are opening a casual culinary playground in the "Falk building" of the radically functionalist industrial building and the interior design should be just as cool. 

The floor plan itself could not be changed due to the strict monument protection requirements. destilat simply immersed the 50 m2 room with a poured asphalt floor (existing) in deep black from top to bottom. All of the new wooden elements used in the room are charred in the tradition of the Japanese Shou Sugi Ban technique - a millennia-old finishing method that preserves the material in a natural way, makes the surfaces water-resistant and gives them a very special aesthetic of varying dark shades.  

The central element of the room is the bar made of red plane bricks: stacked on sight with a characteristic honeycomb structure, lined with dark joint compound, sanded, edged with black sheet metal and effectively backlit. In the midst of the monochrome interior with elegant black Thonet seating, the raw material takes on a museum-like character. "Listed buildings are best approached with great appreciation, but by no means with fear. Instead of bowing to history, we confront the industrial monument with an equally strong interior design," says destilat.

Harald Hatschenberger
Henning Weimer
Thérèse Fuchshuber

Jürgen Grünwald