Architecture - Pool House

Pool house EF


Year: 2019
Status: Draft
Client: Private

The pool house is the luxurious outdoor extension of a modernised turn-of-the-century villa in Klosterneuburg. With its massive rear wall, the generous ensemble also serves as a spatial demarcation from the street. The many wishes and ideas of the client were summarised by destilat in a straightforward and purist design in the sense of a Mies van der Rohe aesthetic. A few strong materials such as wood, concrete and metal characterise the world of materials and can be found in different forms and versions in destilat's design.

The flush-fitted pool is surrounded by a teak terrace and large-format porcelain stoneware slabs. On its long sides are changing and storage rooms and, opposite, an outdoor kitchen with an open-air lounge and open fireplace. These areas are marked by dark profile columns that interlock with the flying roofs as a supporting structure. In addition to furniture and terraces, wood is also used in the roofs - both as a translucent lamella construction and as a fully shaded flat roof. The wooden surfaces are fire-treated in the Japanese Shou Sugi Ban tradition, which gives the material its deep black appearance and also preserves it.

The play with structures and openings is also found in the rear walls made of gridded Boton formwork panels. The cladding of the free-standing bar counter is also made of concrete - dyed, small-format concrete tiles from Italy lend it a smoky colour and velvety surface. With the pool house design, destilat has translated the inviting openness into architecture with which the clients would like to welcome friends and guests to the new family home.

Harald Hatschenberger