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House EF


Year: 2019
Status: Draft
Client: Private

In the course of a terraced house development project, an existing turn-of-the-century villa was unceremoniously declared the family home of the clients. Coming from the industry themselves, the clients knew very well what they wanted and had a multitude of their own ideas ready for the redesign. From the many suggestions, destilat developed a uniformity that leads away from the original country house style to a classical language of form that carries on "the spirit of the turn-of-the-century villa".

Historic suites of rooms do not correspond to contemporary living. To make room for an open sense of space, destilat's design involves radically gutting the architectural shell and completely restructuring the interior. A floor-spanning window front made of industrial glass, complete with planting, also breaks up the outer wall - flooding the room structure with daylight and effectively setting the scene for dark cast-iron columns based on historical models.

The living space was designed to be extremely generous, extending over three floors. A wellness area with sauna and fitness room is located in the basement. Above this is the extensive living level, the centre of which is the impressive open-plan kitchen - extended by a large terrace, the dining room and a billiard room. The private bedrooms with balconies and en suite bathrooms are located on the top floor of the historic building and open up a real adventure playground for the children with a climbing frame and hanging swings.

destilat was in demand here above all as a creative corrective, advisory authority and in its visualisation competence; as well as in its characteristic ability - to distil the essential from many ideas.

harald Hatschenberger
Sophie Pfeffer
Henning Weimer