Architecture - Interior Design



Year: 2018
Status: Concept study
Client: WW Vierte Immobilienbesitz

For a residential building in Vienna's 4th district, destilat developed a concept for the façade as well as the public areas between the individual residential units. The façade is considered the face of a house to the outside world. Historically, it was primarily a matter of representing taste and wealth. Here, the front with its fluted loggias and striking green elements opens up to the outside and makes the use of the house by its residents visible. This interplay of vertical and horizontal structures is continued in the colour scheme of dove-grey shingles and ochre brickwork.

The public areas in the middle of the individual residential units were also to be transformed from anonymous intermediate zones into characteristic meeting places - places where, like a patio, communal life can develop among the house parties and which are cultivated and inviting for residents and visitors alike.

Harald Hatschenberger
Sophie Kessler
Thomas Neuber
Lukasz Paginowski