Interior Design - Side Table

Bubble Cube

Side table

Year: 2009
Status: Small series
Client: destilat

The basic idea of the mirror glass side tables is the transformation of an initially inconspicuous object. At the touch of a button, the mirrored cuboid is transformed into a sculptural-looking side table. Sometimes a baroque-looking ornament appears, like grandpa's, sometimes a doily like from grandma's living room. In this way, the user can change the basic mood of a room by means of electricity: sober and modern during the day, sensual and opulent at night.

The concept of mirrored glass panels that transform when exposed to light can not only be used within one's own four walls, but is also suitable for the entire retail and contract sector.

destilat/Harald Hatschenberger

2010/10 Schöner Wohnen (Germany)