House G


Year: 2021
Status: in planning
Client: Private

The idea behind the bungalow concept for a private house in the volcanic region of eastern Styria is to create individual courtyards with three staggered cubes, which, in addition to the 250 m2 of the building itself, also knows how to make perfect use of the space between them that is protected from the wind and the view.

Compactly closed off on the street side, the ensemble opens up on the garden side with a front frame construction of exposed concrete to the pool and a seemingly endless view over the valley. The living room and bedroom with adjoining wellness area jump back a little with their floor-to-ceiling glass surfaces, allowing partially covered terraces to spread out towards the pool and the outdoor kitchen. A comprehensive skylight has been inserted into the slightly elevated central component, illuminating the central cube of kitchen-living room and office with daylight like an atrium.

Reduced to the materials of exposed concrete, glass, wood and raw steel as well as an extremely clear formal language, destilat's architecture breathes purism in its purest form - a stringency that is continued in the interior design with its wooden elements and cement tiles. Situated on a gentle hilltop, the striking low-rise building with its restrained colors does not tower over the landscape like a fortress, but rather elegantly inscribes itself into the natural hill formation.