Architecture - Interior Design

Arcotel Althanquartier


Year: 2022
Status: in planning
Client: Arcotel Hotels

The new city hotel of the Arcotel Group was to be typically Viennese. What would be answered in culinary terms with schnitzel and Sacher cake, destilat solves with an interior design that plays with set pieces of Viennese everyday life as well as portraits of historical personalities and allows itself to give this cultural heritage a twist and modern nonchalance.

The entrance area on the ground floor is designed as a "Beserlpark" - park bench, street lamp, playground figures, brick wall and coffee machine transfer the city-famous outdoor scenario into a cool interior design. Moving up to the 5th floor - the actual lobby with reception, café and lounge - an imposing stage atmosphere opens up that does credit to the theater city: meter-long frilly curtains, music stands, room dividers made of classic coffeehouse trays, communal tables like those found on any Viennese excursion meadow and a theatrical lighting design stage a picturesque photo motif in every corner.

For the two room categories, desitlat developed a spatial structure that makes use of every nook and cranny and is open, airy and distinctive. The Viennese weave - the characteristic covering of classic Thonet chairs - is enlarged by desitlat into a giant format and used as a semi-transparent, room-dividing bed-head construction. The portraits of Mozart, Freud, Prince Eugene or Adele Bloch-Bauer placed behind it are ironically distorted and function as bathroom mirrors at the back. Double use also comes into play in the functional combination of make-up and desk as a continuation of the washstand. The open spatial structure is zoned in color and materials: light carpet, wall and ceiling color in the sleeping area contrast with the mud-colored all-over of the bathroom and anteroom. 

Harald Hatschenberger
Sophie Pfeffer
Lukasz Paginowski
Karin Klusek

Monika Nguyen