Interior designers - Terrace

Terrace S


Year: 2015
Status: Concept study
Client: Private

destilat was commissioned with a concept studio for the roof terrace design of a private villa in Vienna. The long rectangular roof area was divided into different usage zones - starting with a lounge area including an outdoor sofa landscape and an open fireplace, the back of which continues into a covered bar area. The rear and thus more intimate area of the roof terrace is surrounded by lush greenery and features a wood-fired tub for summer bathing and relaxing furniture.

The zoning of the individual areas is visually supported by different floor coverings. The colour palette of the furniture and materials used alternates in a cool range of light grey and green tones that blend harmoniously with the green of the surrounding vegetation. For the terrace itself, too, an arrangement of spectacular specimen plants, fragrant herbs in the immediate vicinity of the bar and wind-protecting hedge plants was designed, which also provide a natural privacy screen. A second furnishing variant adds sporadic brightly coloured accents.

Anke Stern
Henning Weimer