33 Interviews on architecture

"nextroom asks" has been published as a book! - the online platform for contemporary architecture - was founded in 1996 by Jürg Meister and acts as a documentation archive, discussion forum, networking instance and organiser in the architectural context. The format brings together 8,000 projects, 12,000 texts, 14,000 plans and 41,000 architectural photographs and presents several thousand planners, architectural photographers and curators with lists of works, projects, their own collections and publications.

With "nextroom fragt" (nextroom asks), a series of interviews across the country was launched in 2017. 33 interviews on architecture excerpts of which have now been published in book form. With the 33 portraits, Martina Pfeifer Steiner and Lukas Hämmerle draw a cross-section of the Austrian architecture scene. The selection of the offices was made curiously, intuitively, very subjectively and without any claim to completeness, the authors emphasise. A selection that looks a little beyond the country's borders and finds its starting point in Marina Hämmerle's foreword.

What designers between Basel and Vienna have to say in response to five unchanging questions; how, with whom and on what they work; what inspires, drives or also slows them down, what they are proud of and what, in their opinion, should be addressed by architects, reads as well-founded as it is personal and entertaining.

As the only studio for interior design, destilat finds its place among the renowned ranks of architects and in the middle of the 200-page compendium.

Available now in bookshops.

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