Interior Design Vienna

Lia Peroni Shop


Year 2016
Status: Concept Study
Client: Lia Peroni


destilat developed a shop concept for Lia Peroni’s store in Linz to highlight the brand’s main products. The exquisite bags, suitcases and leather goods are staged in in their own world of fine travelling: Stylised baggage carousels, elegant trolleys, baggage nets, and trays create striking images and immerse the shop with its subtle colours in a distinctive aesthetic environment. The interior also plays with the customers’ imagination, reminding them of luxury hotels, executive lounges, remote destinations and places of longing.

At the same time, the puristic and mobile presentation modules are very flexible. They can be used for products in many different sizes, some of them can be moved and positioned freely, as they connect different product ranges – shoes, bags, and fashion – to become a holistic concept store idea. Depending on the respective season and collection, the interior can be rearranged to restructure the store accordingly. What remains is strong corporate architecture that provides a distinctive recognition value that extends well beyond the products themselves.

destilat’s pays homage to femininity and Lia Peroni’s main target group with shiny metallic elements and soft shades of white and pink, which can be found in the soft velour used for flooring as well as the upholstery of seating furniture. Pink may not be every woman’s favourite colour but it is inviting and gives this one-of-a-kind store in a mall a sophisticated elegance.


Harald Hatschenberger
Henning Weimer