Interior Design Vienna

Diagnosezentrum Institut Frühwald & Partner

St. Pölten

Year: 2019
Status: realised
Client: Institut Frühwald & Partner


destilat has developed an interior for the waiting room of the Institute of Radiology in St. Pölten that is instantly recognizable. To mitigate its hall-like flair, a lamellar wood structure was inserted, which divides the elongated space into three zones. Slightly modified versions of these slats were also used for the wall coat racks.

The loosely arranged seating areas are primarily designed for comfort and make it easier for the predominantly older patients to get up using the respective armrests. The middle segment includes the characteristic shell chairs by the designers Ray and Charles Eames, flanked to their left and right by Danish, light-blue post chairs, which are reminiscent of traditional rocking chairs – the favourite spots of many elderly people.

Blue in its various nuances is the predominant colour in this spatial structure. This colour theme continues on the wall paper, which turns out to be a collage of radiographs when you take a closer look. Even the magazine rack refers to the diagnostic centre’s work with its meandering lines, as it is formally inspired by an electrocardiogram. All of this results in an interior design that features comfortable furniture, invites you to take a closer look, and therefore shortens the patients’ waiting time.


Harald Hatschenberger
Sophie Kessler
Lukasz Paginowski
Thomas Neuber


Harald Hatschenberger