Interior Design Vienna

Hotel Maraska


Year: 2016
Status: Konzeptstudie
Client: Robert Wolte & Partner


This is a concept study for a hotel project in the Croatian city of Zadar, where a listed former factory building of the liqueur manufacturer Maraska was redeveloped into four-star hotel. The study is based on an architectural award-winning design by Boris Podrecca and comprises the design of standard rooms and the entrance area with its reception and lounge.

The careful integration of the existing structure was a key element for this design. The original natural stone walls, for example, were incorporated into the new room design. Furthermore, the architect’s idea to include the glass building architecture of the Austrian-Hungarian monarchy was further developed for the project’s interior design concept.

The hotel rooms were spaciously designed using modern elements, including the spatial separation of bathroom areas from the actual hotel rooms with glass partition walls. The materials and colour palette reference the project’s Mediterranean, geographic and historic context.


Harald Hatschenberger
Thomas Neuber
Henning Weimer