Interior Design Vienna



Year 2015
Status: Concept Study
Client: Huawei


destilat developed an interior design concept for the international Huawei company’s site in Vienna. This concept comprised the entrance area as well as the employee lounge.

destilat planned a modern and inspiring entrance area that befits the company’s status, highlights the company’s appeal, and takes its visitors into the world of Huawei. The Huawei pattern, which was taken from company’s corporate identity, extends throughout the entire interior design concept – from the Corian desk to the pattern used for glass foliation.

A particularly eye-catching feature is the slatted wall directly at the entrance, where the company colour red appears in a subtle yet distinctive way. This wall includes seating accommodations for guests as well as several other functions like displays of old and new Huawei product models.

Soft-coloured curtains as well as a floor that clearly stands out despite its understated colour lend the interior design its special ambiance.

The lounge area, which is intended for guests as well as employees, was divided into different zones. There are various zones for interaction and communication as well as phone boxes for more privacy.


Anke Stern
Magdalena Haas
Thomas Neuber