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Illuminated Side Table

grandma is a side table with a number of diverse facets. At the push of a button the past can be pushed to the fore. Fear of the void, a widespread phenomenon in today’s home environment, disappears behind an unexpectedly emerging ornamental crocheted doily. grandma is an ironic commentary, a loving reminder of tea and bunt cake at grandma’s place.

grandma and grandpa are composed of miter cut, precisely joined, mirrored glass tabletops. Construction and surfaces are stark, the cut-out ornament is visible only when the light goes on.


Manfred Lang


03/2010 Wohnrevue (Switzerland)
07/2009 Icon (UK)
07/2009 OnOffice (UK)
02/2009 Design Quarterly (Australia)

12/2008 Frame (Austria)
02/2008 Der Standard Rondo (Austria)

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